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At WOODS PERFORMANCE TUNING, we are able to offer tuning for Big Twin motorcycles. Our services include Fuel Injected motorcycles. We build custom FI maps for your particular build. We use the industry standard Dynojet 250i equipped with eddy current braking for load control. We match the air, fuel and spark so your bike gets the proper mixture so it can perform at it's optimum level. If your bike is missing or sluggish anywhere in it's operating range, chances are you need a Tune.


Tuning Devices

 In our opinion, the best tuning device on the current market is the TTS Mastertune. TTS Mastertune allows us to save your stock calibration, load a starting calibration and adjust more tables in the calibration than any other tuning device on the market. It also provides a Datamaster program which allows realtime monitoring and graphs for proper tuning.


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  Woods Performance Tuning is also a full service repair shop for Harley Davidson. We do service maintenance, minor repairs to full blown engine upgrades.